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  1. Yay! We did push presses last night! A very weird rep set (8, 8, 6, 4, 4, 2, 2) every 2 min. Accidentally did a strict press halfway through my set of 6 for bar + 35lbs and thoroughly confused myself. Was chasing Lindsey the whole time (we had to share a rack and I was getting frustrated I had to keep rearranging the weights. Finally got to 95lbs push press! The weight management was horrible (we had 3x10lb on each side with mini weights). I think this is a PR, but I'm super happy I was able to hit it for the 2 rep. Def think I could have done a couple more...but then we had to do rowi
  2. Since there aren't enough reactions on this site:
  3. Nah. Not Costco. They don't bin veggies/display them like that.
  4. Lies for LI/NYC. If you get 5", plowing is fine/maybe a 2 hour delay if the school needs to use snow days. Usually a delay is around 12", but we have super heavy wet snow.
  5. If I try and do my front rack the "right" way, with my hands right at my shoulders, I def can't get under and my wrists hurt. The last trainer we did a front rack round was like "Your hands shouldn't be holding the rack in place. Your position should, and it should be resting on your shoulders/clavicle area." I now space my hands out more on the bar when I front rack (I think to the first line vs. where the grip just starts) and I also allow my pinky/ring fingers sometime to get in front of the bar so I can keep a better squat form vs. curling forward/rounding my back to keep my hands firml
  6. @Roarbark, no biggie, I think @Dothracki got us back on track with the 2078 bodega
  7. we're front squat weight buddies *squeals in joy of being like csb in any way shape or form*
  8. Thanksgiving with my family is way too much food, all amazing in taste, too many desserts, and 'why did I eat all the appetizers?'. Usually with much drinking, many Irish coffees, and hot tubbing. Then the next day is many many leftovers and joy was heard throughout the land!
  9. I have no idea. I'm travelling to see family, but I'm not sure if we're actually doing a big meal? I have to work it out with my parents. I might just stay at their house and haunt the halls while they go and see everyone, and maybe I'll do a one-on-one with my grandparents after the 'non-holiday that totes isn't occurring'.
  10. I love the difference between New York and Indiana. New York = leads to people being married, but pretty much living separate lives (but you'll always have that +1). Indiana = let's get married super early and have kids and then we'll never be alone even after we divorce. *sigh*
  11. *cries all alone in the thread because everyone else triggered chatt* Last night was front squat! I'm slowly starting to like the movement, not that I've done it more than twice and I've figured out where to put my hands. Didn't match weights with the other girl, but I did get to around 45kg total weight front squat. Again, slow and steady. I did want to die on the goblet squat work we were doing. Not sure, but I think I was just doing them too fast, which was unnecessary. A new trainer started last night, and he has a B-name too. Bryce. Blake. Bruce. Whhhhyyyyyy? I am hop
  12. @RBHeadge PE messed us up the last page and double posted a number, should be 2075 this post
  13. I recently resumed volunteering at the local animal shelter after they started reopening following covid lockdown! I began weightlifting in June 2020 and I think I'm slowly getting okay at it (I think...?) My best friend finally bit the bullet and instead of waiting for their 'official' wedding day, went to town hall and got married after I kept badgering her and her wedding date got moved three times. Slowly understanding more of this new government job and have already proved myself to being awesome. Undergraded, but going to use that to my advantage and attempt some lower-g
  14. Nah bro. Might mean I need to juggle and somehow not do evening work on 12/3 so I can still come out and enjoy life with you
  15. Um. That's how mafia works. You make a suggestion and then have to ride it out. I have overnight work potentially starting for the next few weeks (maybe months, if the other job starts right up). My plan was to do my normal work schedule + a couple evening hours, but we'll see. So I'm out.
  16. Did Friday and Saturday workout (yay) and planning on not missing and MWFSat workouts until the end of the month, because I paid for them! Friday was Zercher squats, which I'd never done before. Got to around 10kg each side (so total of 35kg lift, I think)? I believe I could have gone heavier, but it was also my first time doing the movement, so I wanted to err on the side of caution. My inner elbow did hurt a bunch right after, but I think that's just because of how this squat is. Saturday was more bench press, but we were doing not normal reps. I know there is a specific term
  17. So happy I'm done in like five minutes. Was going to stay late but...why would I kill myself?
  18. Thank you my dear! I was able to buy 5; I didn't want to buy more since I don't really need/want to buy a lot of the medical grade ones. I'm going to use 2 of them when I'm traveling (to and from) and then probably another when I'm at the bigger family gathering (if I can't get a covid test completed in time beforehand in NYS). As for ear straps...I def prefer the around the head ones vs. the ear strap ones for 'offical' real masks. For fabric masks I prefer around the ear, since my hair is super fine and fabric tie straps around the back just slide down.
  19. @blybrook PE Thanks for the info! My plan if things are really bad is to semi-quarantine at my parents and try to get a test in NYS. I've been using cloth masks/I wash them every week after one day of use, but I wanted something a little more robust while traveling/when I potentially see my grandparents. Last time when I travelled in July I wore my fabric mask for the majority of the time except when I was eating (and putting my mask back on immediately afterwards) or when I was in my old bedroom. @bwin12, the flight itself even with the layover is a little under 5 hours and since I
  20. Could you maybe link me the Amazon/Lowe's listings, if you have them off-hand? I don't want to accidentally order N-95s that should be getting used by healthcare workers. I want to see if I can maybe get a covid test at work before I travel, but I'm unsure of their lead time/don't want to take a test that would be better used for a veteran. I'm just kinda freaking out. I was totally fine with traveling a couple days ago, but with things getting...worse in Indiana (aka: I wear my mask while walking outside and people act like I'm crazy), I'm getting concerned with the holiday travel.
  21. Etsy. It's all about upcycling and aesthetics.
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