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  1. Thanks Peaon! I wound up getting GlobalSign and have been using it for a couple months at this point. A new question came up last Friday, while signing/sealing a 60 page submittal set. Sealing the first 20 pages was fine, but each subsequent page took much longer to process before I could do the next page. In all, I spent nearly 4 hours sealing the submittal. I'm the first engineer in my company to be using digital for NJ, and there is so little information that I have been able to find about what they require/accept. Can I just seal the first page of a set, or is there a speedier way
  2. Hi all! I have a question about the NJ seal requirements. I just recently received my NJ License by comity. My understanding is that as of 2016, they accept both embossed and digital stamps. My question is, after an exhaustive search, all I can find is that the digital seal/signature must follow FIPS PUB 186-4. Is this similar to the procedure required by the State of Florida to digitally sign a document, or would a traditional .tif scanned image of a stamp/seal suffice? My interpretation would be that a .tif file would be considered a facsimile, and therefore not accepted.
  3. I just got an email. I’ve been denied because some experience at my last company falls under their “designated structure” definition. Bummer! Looks like I’m back to taking the SE. 😂🤣
  4. Well....I called the GA Board today, to ask about the status of my application. They were nice enough to give me all the information I already knew, BUT they also took the time to track down whether my application was in-fact reviewed at the board meeting on Tuesday. Turns out it was, and I should hear something via email within 15 business days. SCORE!
  5. There would be no reason to do this. I didn't even think renewing your EIT was a thing. I never did that in the 6 years I had it prior to passing the PE.
  6. I’ll be S/S my first project in about a month. It’s an architectural cladding project in SC, and I’m pretty much fully involved in the design process. So it’ll be done the way I am comfortable with. I’m kinda excited!
  7. I'm the same way (just with buildings not bridges). I noted that I will be doing Civil:Structural. I do predominately precast design, and fit within the parameters of part a. I feel like, if they were going to set this kind of standard, they should have an additional line in the application to delineate whether we will be confined to the limitations or not. We'll see!
  8. From my understanding, per the GA Rules and Regs: Section 180-2. An SE is only required for those intending to do design work on "Designated Structures". Here is an excerpt from that section: (2) If the Applicant designates that he/she will engage in the branch identified as structural engineering or the Applicant's experience is deemed to be within the branch of structural engineering, the Applicant shall be directed to take the NCEES 16 hour Structural Engineering Exam. For purposes of this rule, "structural engineering" shall be defined as engaging in the
  9. I kinda figured that, but was surprised when I read the part about the approval not necessarily coinciding with the board meetings. Here's hoping! 🍻
  10. Hello all! I recently (read August 26th) applied for licensure via Comity in the state of GA. Their license FAQ notes that it typically takes 10-15 days for a Comity license to be approved, once all items have been received. It also adds that approval does't necessarily align with board meetings (though I believe there was one today). According to my licensing checklist on their site, everything has been listed as completed since September 3rd, yet my status is still listed as pending. I've tried emailing, and left a voice mail, but it seems to be radio silence. Anyone have any ex
  11. I was kinda hoping to be able to replace my EIT cert on my wall. But instead, I just hung my licence with magnets. haha
  12. They apparently had the wall certificate in 2017. My co-workers has one. I didn't get one of those though. Just the chincy pink/blue cert. Hey, at least it comes with a handy dandy WALLET card we can carry with us. 🤣
  13. Wife just told me I have a cert shaped envelope waiting for me at home. 👌🏻
  14. Mine is post dated as well. I just look at is as having been licensed for almost 2 months already, and haven’t killed anyone. 😂😂 I’ve also gotten all but my work history done for NCEES. I always wanted to do my amplified record over again, just in a more condensed form! 😂
  15. 5 months seems kinda weird. Also, I’ve been told (though haven’t confirmed) that we do not need PDHs in the first year. I’m accruing them anyway.
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