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  1. Oh and i just switched over online.
  2. Yep got my masters in Water Resources in Fall of '12 too. So definitely.
  3. Any of ya'll UT 2010ish?
  4. If you don't fill in a name and sort by number you can see all the numbers. There haven't been any processed since the 15th.
  5. Yeah I had to wait till Friday to get it mailed. They haven't added any new numbers since June 15th. They are usually fairly quick to process renewals etc, usually a couple days. So they must be doing the big batch now. I'm hoping today!
  6. Dang you're good!
  7. Hah. Not sure that is exactly the way to go, pestering and all. But I'm all for you trying to get another answer from them.
  8. Guess the "should be out early next week" didn't happen. I have no idea why they don't email it and allow you to pay via the online portal.
  9. Anyone gotten their letter yet?
  10. Got word from Wanda that IT is currently getting them done. Should be out first of next week.
  11. Have any of ya'll gotten your letters yet? Still waiting on mine. I wanna write the darn check!
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