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  1. You don't know distraction until you've played EB Mafia. Come join us.
  2. Me: "Here you go." Mini Me: "What's this?" Me: "It's called 'SPAM.' It's meat in a can." Mini Me: "That doesn't make sense!" I think someone is too cool for SPAM.
  3. As much as I would love to try playing JP's variant: I'm starting a new job next week and also busy with studying. Therefore, I'm out and will probably be out until after my exam. I'm sure I'll peek in here from time to time. Feel free to use me as a NPC!
  4. You're just messin' with us, right?
  5. Good game everyone! Townies made me proud 😁
  6. It's called "The VGrab."
  7. LOL...."Alexandre.....Dumbass?"....lol classic.
  8. FYI: I got lazy and left all the same names in the box as last round. I had MiniMe pull out names and, I'm not kidding, it went like this: 1. DuranDuran 2. DuranDuran *pulls out name 3. Audi *(sigh) wtf? 4. Road Guy *seriously? 5. LyceeFruit I couldn't bring myself to vote for Lycee. Anyway.....👻
  9. I got my ass kicked. First during WTTS, then finding out I didn't pass, then being a dick and taking it out on people (I really wasn't, I was trying to be in character and having fun, but since I was the FNG I really gave the impression of one lol) during my first round of EB Mafia, so then getting my ass kicked (see horse-kicking giphy). I keep getting up, but yeah that WTTS cycle was pain and misery lol.
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