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  1. @evanfus which CBT exam are you taking? and studying for a year is a fantastic way to burn out.
  2. confetti is not environmentally friendly.
  3. Interesting grouping method @Road Guy
  4. So are we restarting Monday? @JayKay PE ?
  5. @jean15paul_PE @squaretaper LIT AF PE 😜
  6. Will trade Banjo for your foster pup
  7. This was 5:15p last night. All 3 snoozling away. Boyfriend snoring. Both of our dogs snore too
  8. yeah but there are other threads you could have shared puppy pics in!
  9. DUDE @MadamPirate PE that hurt Knowing and not being able to say things. I investigated JK first. Missed night 2 since I sent my RPS in and forgot to investigate. And then investigated RB night 3. Then died.
  10. Im mad that @RBHeadge PE hid this puppy development from us for 2 weeks
  11. there have been a number of old threads resurrected lately lol
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