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  1. Homemade poptarts (blackberry jam) [recipe is smittenkitchen] Yorkshire pudding [recipe is fannie farmer] Babkallah [recipe is KABC]
  2. @csbi can find the ad again and send it to you lol
  3. @leggo PE i've never rinsed rice. or quinoa. i'm lazy. i have however "peeled" chickpeas.
  4. well shit - i was fine in DTW in September and CLE in March (they did remind me of the requirements back in March but it was legit 4 days before everything started shutting down)
  5. i'm gonna have to re-do my license when the DMVs re-open. I had to renew my license in August and had always planned on getting the real ID when I did it (Maine dragged their feet on it for ages). But the office that does real ID is closed so I renewed and got the regular license. and my passport expired in may. but the real id requirements have been moved to 1 Oct 2021. but yeah i still need to go fix the passport situation too
  6. recently saw an ad for a little music box you put in your lady box for your baby...
  8. Hopefully he won't over-limit accounts like he did last fall. He removed my ability to post too!
  9. where do you get all of these maps?! And I call BS on the CT one. When Malloy was governor, school was canceled for less. Because the state ran out of sand/salt and couldn't safely treat the roads.
  10. Got licensed in 2 more states (1st state was just before 2019 ended lol) Taken on more responsibility at work that's showing regional HQ & real HQ that I'm awesome (so I should hit senior title for 2021) my 1yr engineer moved to my state and I get to train her Boyfriend and I did not kill each working from home in a 600sqft house for 4mo My cow is really cute and has gotten better manners
  11. hey @leggo PE can you move this into the Power PE forum?
  12. I've never heard of him before today. But the excerpts in the FB post as fucking gold so I'm gonna have to look him up
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