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  1. Try Zach Stone course out there BY FAR. I took it after failing my first time. No regrets, one of the best investments of my life. Good Luck!
  2. Thanks! I took Zach's course for two months in order to guarantee the free retake, in case i need it. Honestly, the subscription time depends on how much training you need. I would say between 2 and 3 months should be enough. This COURSE IS GREAT and i owe him big part of my success. The explanations are TOP NOTCH.
  3. Hello friends, I was a regular consumer of this forum and despite the TROLLS, I thank all the participants for the good information posted here, that helped me pass the PE exam last April 2019 In contribution, I would like to give my own impressions of the PE exam and give you my advices as far as how to get prepared for this task. First and foremost, passing the PE exam is a tough process and requires LOTS of study time and sacrifice. If you really want this, I recommend you well establish your priorities and whatever can deviate your attention and focus from the exam, should b
  4. Hello Folks, I took the Power PE exam two times, last time in April 2019. I think I studied hard for the first time and I felt confident but I got no luck the exam day, in part because of failing to follow my strategy, including wasting time trying to solve EVERY question instead of wisely using that time to check the work done. For the second try, I needed some guidance, so I registered for the Zach classes and I can tell you, HONESTLY, one of the best investments of my life, and not only because of the content, I say that because It truly helped me
  5. @Messi Thank you for the link. Good stuff. Btw, do you recommend any other Reference for power electronics? I feel pretty weak in this area. Thanks!
  6. I'm interested, please let me know how to subscribe. I sent the email but I'm not sure it worked. My email is Best Regards!
  7. Hello everyone, I'm one month away from taking the PE exam in Power and I still fell like i need more to reinforce my skills in the "Power Electronic Circuits" topic. I have bought some good materials like Graffeo, Complex Imaginary, the NCEES practice exam, Camara(the one that comes with 2 tests), but in none of them I have found a deep source of power electronic circuits problems. Can any of you share some good stuff with solved problems about rectifiers, VFDs and so. Any help or advice would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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