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  1. oh parties are the kitties titties
  2. ME_VT_PE

    EB Mafia

    its very important to follow the rules....................
  3. Its a 2 year cycle. sincerely, your favorite EB'er
  4. Just make sure to complete and submit the polygraph results as well.
  5. Do you provide engineering work through LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a live resume that sometimes reminds you about a work anniversary. If you're a P.E. in all 50 states or in one, putting P.E. at the end of your name and leaving it at that isn't wrong, illegal, or worth reading the LinkedIn user agreement.
  6. Unless you affix your seal and signature to your work, its not legally bound to you. That is the point of the stamp and license number. LinkedIn is social media and not much else...
  7. oh jesus christ no one gives a shit unless you're stamping drawings for a state you are not licensed.
  8. You're only allowed to put it on facebook and myspace.
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