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  1. @DrZoidberWoop, you're a rockstar and good samaritan, thanks for all the help! I messaged you. Thanks for the tip about the Structural Engineering Solved Problems for the SE Exam, and the Structural Depth Reference Manual. I could guess that the Solved Problems one would be more SE geared based on the name, but it is a shame that the reference manual is also more SE geared. I'm sure it depends on your level of background, but do you think you can self-study for the breadth and depth? I only have 4-months of on the job structural experience, but a BS and MS from UC Berkeley with a s
  2. Mohican, you cant receive anymore messages right now. Can you message me please and I will give you my email?
  3. Hi All, I'm not a huge fan of taking classes to study for things, especially standardized exams. I feel like the most effective solution is to do as many sample problems as possible that are as similar to the exam as possible, that cover all subject areas. Some questions: 1.) Does anyone know of any good resources for sample exam problems? 2.) NCEES appears to have a single sample exam for the civil breadth + structural depth, do you know where we can find more? Are there different versions? https://account.ncees.org/exam-prep/315 3.) My boss has a sample exam from NCE
  4. @Mangano do you know where we can find practice PE civil with structural depth exams that will be similar to the NCEES exam? On the NCEES website there is only one civil PE with structural depth practice exam.. -thanks!
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