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  1. i had a dream last night i was late to this exam; and then the exam turned into a poker tournament. it was a weird one, including the fact i passed in 2018
  2. I brought a 100lb suitcase with me. I work in a utility office and have many old books that I found to be useful on the exam. There are enough "oddball" questions that I thought it's better to bring everything than leave something behind. You never know if you pass by 1 question or 10, I found one question on the exam in one of my old books that I should've likely never brought to the exam, but I did. I had books everywhere, on my table, under my seat, next to my seat, no one complained and proctors didn't say anything.
  3. ME to EE, your two graphs that you drew do no match, which is likely why you arrived at the wrong answer.
  4. i may have this, what is the first question? i have a pdf on my computer but book is stored away.
  5. As I say this, remember I'm just trying to help. If you've gone two tests and achieved below, say 44 both times, I think something is fundamentally wrong in your approach or studying. You are not realistically close to passing until you are near the 47+ range. The lowest failing score is usually 49 and that's after a curve (even if they don't say it). So your 40-43 is likely lower that was curved up to that number. It's hard to think of, but even a significant improvement (20%) in your score brings to the questionable range of passing. That's hard to figure to improve that or close to it
  6. good luck MEtoEE. i remember our many discussions from oct 2018
  7. What makes sense to me about the double question is....they likely had 80 different questions, and for whatever reason, late in the game one was pulled. Who knows, could be anything. And instead of further delaying whatever process they have to review and submit a new question, they doubled up on one. If you think it's easy for them to just put in a new question, read around on this board. A lot of time and money goes into new questions. Seems feasible to me
  8. good luck everyone.....i passed Oct 2018. You will likely walk out not knowing whether you passed or failed, but dig down deep and stick with it and do your best.
  9. I asked this of NY a few years ago. They responded with something along the lines of there is no negative to not showing or showing and failing; no refund and you will lose $. I have not heard of anyone being denied the ability to take the test due to multiple failures in NY. I have heard of it in other states. That being said, having failed the exam once and beaten it the second time - taking it and failing it dramatically increased my chances for passing it the second time. If you sit and fail, even if you fail miserably, your next attempt if you take one will be better for
  10. I don't get it......the link shows the 100% off coupon, but still has the purchase price and wants a cc.
  11. I agree with you. I think the crane and wattmeter are both good questions for the exam, the others, I didn't waste my time trying to figure out before I took it. I think the wattmeter question if I can remember is just memorizing or looking up those different scenarios. The crane is definitely a relatable question in real life.
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