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  1. This is insanely annoying. It is almost August now and I still havent heard anything about my #!!! Most of my coworkers have already received theirs. What is NY board doing seriously?
  2. Yeah seems like 2 weeks is the norm. Thank you!
  3. Hello ! Complex Imaginary Practice Exams Complete set(Like new, No marks)- 125$ [ Company website price is 150,163$ with taxes+shipping: Amazon lists it for 229$] Bought it for the april 2018 cycle, so latest edition (3rd) Also have Electrical Engineer's Guide to Passing the Power PE Exam- Spiral bound Updated printing 2018 version - 65$ [ AMazon 98$} If bought together, shipping is free!
  4. basically nothing. LOL i got a congratulations from the bossman. 5 years of experience, got my PE but really nothing progressing career wise.... Kind of in a stupid cycle of was this /is this worth it?
  5. Does anyone know how long it takes for NY from past experiences? The website says 4-6 weeks to check eligibility. NY application process already includes the whole 4 year experience, recommendations and all before being approved to sit for the test, so I was thinking this 4-6 weeks sounds too long?
  6. How long does it take NYS to issue license for PE online?
  7. Hiiii! Passed and relieved! Good luck to everyone still waiting!
  8. OMG finally. Congrats !!! I hope NY comes out soon
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