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  1. Saw an ad for the Clapper this morning. Add in all the way over the top perfume/cologne ads, it is officially Christmas season. Just need to hear "Father Christmas" by the Kinks and I'm good
  2. The answer is infinity. Because glitter gets everywhere
  3. What is the population of EU for comparison
  4. I though part of problem in CA was that they were too dependent on wind / solar for power generation. Other places require wind /solar to have backup generating capacity.
  5. Sorry. Might not have to worry if more states like CA ban the sale of new gas powered cars (2035).
  6. Good thing gladiator had the ending it did. No way he could play that role now
  7. I will see your murder hornets. And raise you venomous caterpillars, exotic ticks, freakishly large snakes, turtles and alligators, and an apparent obesity epidemic among bears:
  8. Thanks for update. I used to go into a power palnt gave you a mask that filter out ammonia. Those other do want to mess with.
  9. What little I have seen of her work, I agree. But she appears to be media darling probably what drives it.
  10. Quite possibly the most 2020 story yet:
  11. Found this while roaming the internet
  12. Dont even want to know what the refrigerant was. But it was from 1920's, was it still working.
  13. I think at this point may need MI-6, the Mosaad, and whatever the KGB is called now to help.
  14. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor
  15. I would be good with isolating and most vulnerable. Not punishing everyone.
  16. I do not know how many people will get that is computer programming lines
  18. yes cancer does suck. All the music legends that have died the last few years, Tom Petty, David Bowie, Glenn Frey, George Jones. Probably missing some but that is from memory.
  19. Major pain in the backside project spam. Already added aggravation hours to my time sheet because of it.
  20. And need more dads to be like Red Forman
  21. Well with me, double space is just my poor typing skills, not intentional
  22. Remember food choices are important
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