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  1. As far I can recall it does work but I only used search feature as it is user friendly and highlights( keywords) all at one place. I would suggest going through the NCEES tutorial to get comfortable before starting the exam.
  2. Hello All, I took the MDM CBT format last week and got the result today as passed. I would like to thank all the members here. This was my second attempt first being the October 2019. I initially planned to give exam in April but due to industry downturn and all the uncertainties surrounding Job decided to give whenever market improves. I started studying in august for my exam in late September. I had good hold on mechanical concepts so decided tp practice them a lot and focus on weak topics like supportive knowledge and basic engineering practices. It took me one month to review and brus
  3. I am not sure if the if that is scaled score against Texas candidates or all across the states so I would not break my head trying to guess the cutoff but yes somewhere close to your prediction would be safe bet. I agree we cannot memorize everything so industry experience might help. I am planning to cover about materials mentioned in NCEES reference manual in detail from other references but I guess there will be questions which will throw us off and we won't be able to do anything so luck is definitely involved.
  4. I received my Texas score as 67% so I guess I was pretty close for MDM. Basic engineering practice and supportive knowledge turned out to be the weakest link and made all the difference. I did not find any reference other than engineering pro guide which was very helpful. I did self study but only solved Ncees exam questions so I guess I just need more practice questions. I agree MDM is pretty diverse especially in materials so it will be luck but I guess most of the stuff should circle around Reference manual released by NCEES. Infact I highlighted and added equations which were missing and
  5. ashu04

    Cut Scores

    @ca mech I just sorted on the basis of diagnostic report and exam spec/ syllabus.
  6. @ChooChooEngineer_PE Thanks. I it missed somehow.
  7. Hello folks, I need help in clarifying simple doubt . The Tan Theta as per perpendicular 5 and base 12 comes out to be .4166. The tan inverse would be 22.61 degrees. The ncees solution gets 24.6 degree and uses the same to find friction coefficient mu . I want to check with folks who have already given or are preparing is that a typo in ncees practice exam or not. I looked up the 2016 MDM errata and didn't found this question on that. Any clarification would be helpful. Thanks
  8. Hi, it is simple modified version of Shigley's equation 8-5( 10 the edition) I am attaching the conversion and the answer is same and it is derived from the same equation.
  9. @jean15paul I have only printed only the MDM SECTIONS from the mechanical Engineering new reference manual and will be referencing it often during practicing questions. thanks for the heads up.
  10. @Koz332 I was planning to study theory and clear all my concepts before jumping onto the NCEES practice exam but I guess I need to review the practice the exam first to get general understanding of the questions to be prepared and then catch up with all reference.
  11. I am planning to give Mechanical MDM EXAM in October 2019, I wanted to check can some please guide for resources to study from?? 1. Basic engineering practice( which GD & T, QA/QC,Design mythologies and similar topics) Are the questions from these topic very straight forward and are easy to pick points from?? 2.Supportive Knowledge(( Codes & Standard, Fits & Tolerance,, FEA, testing & instrumentation etc) Are the questions from these topic very straight forward and are easy to pick points from?? I am planning to review MACHINERY'S HANDBOOK and Shigley.
  12. I will be taking Machine design Mechanical PE April 2018. I have PE reference Manual and old notes.
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