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  1. So my wife is looking into nursing school. She's done all she can with homeschooling the boys over past few years and it's time for them to get back to the ole brick-'n-mortar. I didn't realize how expensive getting a BSN would be. Fortunately, she already has credit for a number of classes from undergrad, but still. Dang. Guess I won't be building out an AR anytime soon.
  2. Since I'm guessing we comprehend issues better through visual means, it would probably help if you posted a picture. You know... for science.
  3. Dude, that's awesome! It's one thing to start something and say "i'm going to lose some weight", but it's something else entirely to take the before pic, keep it up after six months, take an after pic for comparison, and then keep it going. Time, patience, and determination. Keep it up! Remember, muscle burns fat. Add some lifting (body weight, if nothing else) to your regimen to get a more efficient burn. Not to take away from Cheb, but I continue my weight loss as well. After starting to level out in the weekly weight loss (7, 5, 3.5, 1.5) and hearing enough of "you gotta do some
  4. Despite this being Friday, F today. If that isn't cringy Facebookish reply-bait ("oh what happened, MS?"), I don't know what is. More on Monday when I state that day can F right off.
  5. rice, spinachy hummus, grape tomatoes
  6. We currently use our existing laptop very little. It's actually a laptop used in highschool and we've had it about three years (running Windows 7). My desktop is used the most at, like, a few hours per month - budget spreadsheet, pictures - and it runs Ubuntu 16.04. I built it five years ago and is still more than adequate. Wife really just wants the ability to use itunes and I'd like to run H&R Block tax software. Can't do either of those with Linux.
  7. I haven't seen @knight1fox3 here in a while, but maybe he can stop by and lend some knowledge. My wife is looking to go back to school and our existing laptop just isn't going to cut it long term. I'm not looking to spend a ton (< $600), however I really want something that will not only do the basic school stuff (any ole laptop can fit this bill), but I'd like it to be usable for years to come. We don't run any resource-hungry programs aside from chrome and such. And I'd like to have the option to dual-boot with Ubuntu. I think AMD's now can run 64-bit Ubuntu trouble free (?). Do
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