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  1. MN is out and I passed it this time! 😊
  2. You mean they will send the letters today? That means we will get it by thursday then
  3. Agreed, someone told me that story last time. Anyway, we will get it soon
  4. No, they get the results 2-3 days before NCEES announce the results formally. They validate the results and mail it to the candidates next day. So I am assuming they must have sent the letters yesterday or day before yesterday. I am positive to receive letter by today (Friday) or maximum Teusday. Last time i got the letter by the day NCEES announced the results formally.
  5. I am positive you have done it!! Its just few hours more
  6. What happened on Feb 4th this year? Was an accidental touch or what
  7. Yes, they never tell you anything on the phone! Let's see if USPS screw our results like other boards !! Man, horrible storries for other boards; I feel we are ok if MN board sends us the letter!! Wowwwwww for Florida ouch
  8. They already sent the letters so it all depends how soon USPS can deliver. It comes online on NCEEES website after a week which is very teasing!
  9. Update!! Kim 9:21 am Hello. How may I help you? 9:21 am Is there any guess when do we expect the result for Apr 2018 PE exam? ReadDelivered Kim 9:22 am The results have already been released to the state boards. Some boards have already released to individuals. As soon as the state board where you took the exam gives permission to NCEES to post the results into your account, we will do so. 9:22 am ok thanks ReadDelivered
  10. I put my tent beside mailbox! My board send the letter three days before formal announcement by NCEES. I did not find any letter in my mailbox so you better buy the drinks dude
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