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  1. Having gotten the great news that I passed the PE Thermal Fluids exam this April, I am selling my books. I found that having studied HVAC even though I was taking Thermal saved me during the exam and consider all these books vital in my success. All the exam problems were worked out on separate engineering papers and all the books are mostly clear of any markings. I will cover the shipping via USPS. I am willing to sell the entire lot for $120.00. PE Mechanical - Thermal and Fluids Systems Practice Exam ISBN:978-1-59126-542-9 Condition: New Price: $50.00 PE Mech
  2. Oregon was out at 7:22 AM PCT Today PASS - Thermal/Fluid
  3. For those who passed the TFS exam, how did you deal with the problems that involved cooling towers and stack temperatures? The MREM was not that helpful in that area
  4. Would anyone recommend the PPI course work? Curious as it is very expensive.
  5. Took the PE Thermal and Fluid Exam the first time and failed in Oregon. Really disappointment as I spent over 1000 dollars trying to prepare for this exam. Worked on sample problems: NCEES Practice Exam 2016 6 Minute Solutions Mechanical PE Thermal & Fluids Full Exam by Justin Kauwale, P.E. Problems from the undergraduate fluids, heat transfer, and thermodynamics book Review Course: Took a review course at Portland State University which was not helpful and cost $500 bucks. They just reviewed the topics slightly Books: MREM, Unit Conversions Boo
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