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  1. Really Glad the increase in fees this year and changes to the application process made things better????????? What a bunch of fucking clowns, nothing like taking 1 step forward and three steps back...... I would harass them to no end, there is no justifiable reason why they can't release them. I hope the same group that sued them last time they raised rates gets back on the wagon and gives it another go.
  2. Thats a great idea, that or sit in the back and crinkle and eat a giant bag of chips and when they ask you to quit being annoying, blurt out ohhhh you don't like that well I guess we have something in common that annoy us...........release the damn results!!!!!!!! I already have my license, but I have a healthy dis-like for Dora and if I were them I would be kind of embarrassed at how bad they are.
  3. teab


    tell them you want a double promotion now for putting in at least 2 times the work!!!
  4. teab


    Major Congrats! Sounds like you had a battle to get over the finish line. I think a lot of people would have given up, very nice work sticking with it.
  5. You don't apply through the state anymore as of May this year so maybe they forgot or didn't set up a way to notify people?
  6. I'm not even waiting for results, but a couple people I know are and it still pisses me off they can't get their act together. WTF is up with colorado DORA? Some thoughts to ponder as you go into a rage and nervous breakdown waiting for results: 1.This year the removed having to apply through the state to take the test, you just go directly to NCEES and don't get state approval to take the test and apply for license after test is taken and passed. 2. Why would Colorado DORA need to release results when they don't even approve you to take the test anymore? 3. I wonder if t
  7. I heard from a pretty reliable source it will be next year. It was my cousins-brothers sister in law who had a twice removed sister who use to live next to someone who knew the social media director that sends out the NCEES tweet that results are released..........So thats pretty much a pretty legit source if I do say so.
  8. Hate ta tell ya this buttercup, but if you have anxiety disorders...... have some personal accountability and don't check or read anything on the forum. Just like anyone has the choice to post what they want on here you have the choice not to visit here. After the results come out you'll realize we are all here to help you blow off some steam and anxiety as you wait the eternity for your results. Most posting on here have experienced it first hand and I can tell you the fake results really helped me chill out as I waited for those bastards to release the actual results. If you can't see the
  9. Wow was I excited when I got my results on December 5th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who else got their results?
  10. Just wait till you see that results are popping up in states all around you and you still don't have your results quite yet and you begin to wonder if hey: -Did the test takers loose my exam?????WTF -Do they just take longer to break the bad news for those who failed??? -What is the answer to life? -Whyyyyyyyyy can't they just release my results? -Oh good god I did do that one problem wrong and that totally what pushed me into the hell of taking this damn thing again............... -Oh I'll close my browser and clear my cookies..right? maybe that the problem
  11. Totally......if you just keep checking your states website for your license number you will know the results before anyone else and even before NCEES releases the results? Better yet incessantly call your state board to harass them...I heard that helps the results come faster also.
  12. Anyone else have their productivity completely ruined the week they were waiting for the imminent result release? I know mine was in 2017 till i finally saw that sweet green box........listed my books on ebay 2 days after knowing I would never have to go through that hell again. The week you know the good or bad news its likely coming is killer.
  13. Got my PE a little while back but I always return to EB for a little poke on the spam threads around this time to watch people lose their minds.
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