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  1. I've never done extentions because my lashes are already really long but flat, so instead I have done lash perms/lifts and I love them.
  2. i'm so fucking bitter about how weird this season is going that i've tried to pretend i'm not invested anymore.... but ugh yes i'll make them before the game tonight
  3. that's a great idea. i found a good website for online flashcards earlier this week that *allegedly* is designed to help you remember stuff better than handwritten. i don't know if i buy it BUT they do have a cell phone app so you can review stuff anywhere which is a nice sell. we'll seeeee
  4. it makes me a little nervous that ~30% of the exam is qualitative. that's a lot for closed book exam. i love the idea of making flashcards (thanks @engineer123) but don't know if i trust myself enough to make the right ones with the right content. sighhhhh.
  5. i can't do fantasy but i'm into pick em. although if i win again this year are we going to pretend we never agreed to pay the winner or....???
  6. welp being in the field last week did not help me here.
  7. Never played but sure let’s gooo
  8. do you have advice on what kind of dry eraser board / marker to practice with? seems silly but i'd love to practice with something as close to real thing as there is! would take out an extra level of anxiety for me
  9. i feel like literally every environmental who needs to take the PE is opting out of April in hopes that other people will experience it first. no judgement, I'm one of those people opting out of april and waiting too.
  10. Apologies if there is already a thread on this topic (although I couldn't find it) - does anyone know much about the env sp credential? trying to figure out if it's just kinda bullshit or actually valuable. more and more of my linkedin colleagues are adding it to the end of their profile names so i'm interested. PE is definitely priority right now but perhaps env sp would be helpful later too?
  11. that mug??????? why????????????????
  12. me when my new job asks me to do something i actually know how to do because i did it 1000000 times at my old job:
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