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  1. Cool! Just curious, What's the zoning of your property is it already approved for hotel zone?
  2. What's the setback requirement for the beach front?
  3. It depends on the situation and context (e.g. body language, tone, aesthetic-perhaps these men like what they see, or maybe their digging your style, and most men can see through your bones, etc.). You said these men dominate the conversation, discounting your experience, and in person they dominate the conversation and calling you sweetie. The way I would address it is to preemptively refute in middle of the conversation, not in the beginning because that will put you in a defensive posture. Another way is to change your mindset immediately and in your internal thoughts would be like
  4. I can't imagine how you must feel. At the time were you able to report to your HR? How did you handle it?
  5. Can you elaborate a little bit more? How did you handle it when you were in that situation?
  6. I completely empathize with you. What would be the appropriate way to address women in general, professional, formal, and casual settings?
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