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  1. Thank you for keeping us updated. I appreciate it!
  2. I was going to wait. If a client cannot verify my license # it feels like a misrepresentation to list P.E. as a credential.
  3. Raising Arizona?
  4. Correct! I watch it every year because I own it on DVD. It's a great movie.
  5. Yes, i've been doing the same thing. Maybe there will be a glitch in the matrix and we'll be able to see it early
  6. That's silly. They are essentially accusing you of fraud... They should be more trusting !
  7. Do you guys need a hint? A man allegedly becomes a fish.
  8. Yes! My pay raise will go into effect as well! And I got promoted. Exciting stuff I hope I get a cool license # that's easy to remember. Good to know!
  9. Banned for sleuthing.
  10. Congratulations everyone!!!! wooo!!!
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