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  1. Does anyone know of a good place to sign up/find a decent source for engineering services request? Especially that isn’t only government work. Basically a website that allows companies/people to post a project for others to submit a quote/proposal?
  2. Yeah, I could never get a hold of my reviewer, but I guess now it isn't a big deal now. Early Friday (06/15), the board received my final item and sent it to technical review. I am still sitting in technical review as of now though, hopefully I will get my number today or tomorrow. All in all everything has gone extremely fast, I applied on Monday (06/04) and had to get a reference to submit more information which got there 06/14 (all of my other references were received and completed 06/08), and now in technical review so if I get my number today it will be only 15 calendar days total from in
  3. Awesome, everything I have is green in administration review besides one item that arrived today. One of my references forgot to add the co-signed SER and had to resubmit. So any day now I should hopefully be going to Technical review lets hope! On another note, did anyone ever have trouble getting ahold of your reviewer? Mine will not answer phone calls and/or emails.
  4. After everyone’s line items turned green and said “completed” when in administration review, how long after that did you get your application moved to technical review and/or have you application completed to get your number?
  5. Awesome, thank you for the info, I am glad to know its not another 2-1/2 months for more licensing after waiting 2-1/2 months for the first. I just want this process to go as fast as possible like everyone else. You are correct it would be ridiculous to apply to all, I am only going to transmit to three other states after Texas; Louisiana, Alabama, and Georgia.
  6. After getting your initial license and having the NCEES record completed, how long does it take for other state licensing boards to approve you? Do you have to wait the 2-1/2 months for the approval of each state (even though you can transmit to all 50 states at once)?
  7. I have both applications going since I am going to be licensed in multiple states, every board member I talked to said that I would need to fill out the Texas application regardless so that's what I am doing and also, in Texas you still have to get your criminal history report and fingerprints submitted. TBPE should have everything in a few days though via mail, just waiting on my SER and Ethics Exam Results to get there. However, How long did it take for NCEES to review your experience? Is it really the 7-14 days?
  8. How long did your application process take? Still around the 6-8 week lead time. Or was it quicker?
  9. I was asking about applying for an initial PE license.
  10. I am not sure if I should apply through the TBPE website or go straight through the NCEES website. I’ve noticed on the NCEES website for job experience you can only put about 700 words for one job under job experience and I have about 11 pages on my ser so I would need to condense it by a lot. However I just wanted to know everyone’s experience. If it would be faster to go through NCEES or TBPE.
  11. Did anyone apply for their Texas PE directly through NCEES, or did everyone go directly through TBPE? Also, I worked my first 6 months at a job without a PE, has anyone applied and been accepted without working directly under the supervision of a PE for any amount of time? I have a PE that will reference for that time by the way, so I should be good. Just wanted to compare.
  12. For the people who have their results, did you get an email first or did you just keep refreshing and noticed that you passed/failed?
  13. I had no idea that the results were going to be released that day. I also thought they were going to take another two weeks, so it seemed like I got my results early.
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