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  1. Thanks for the advice. I may try it out soon. I have found myself to be a beer snob. Granted I won't turn down any beer but I find myself spending too much time at the store debating which beer I want. The more micro brews I try the more I get away from the old favorites of Coors, Bud, and PBR. I'll let everyone know how it turns out. Since I'm trying drop weight this might not be the best idea but I enjoy beer too much. I've been getting back in shape since the beginning of the year so I need a reward. I have been reading for a while but have not posted much. I do enjoy the funny pics
  2. Well since I have nothing do but wait for my results I'm thinking of making some homebrew beer. I did a search here and it seems some folks have some experience home brewing. Any advice? I figure if I can get a batch going it will be ready for either celebration or drinking my sorrows away.
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