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  1. @MWC PE Did you go to this to get yours? Do you have to go to get it? Thanks, brip
  2. I always considered questions that specifically request usage/reference of NEC as a "Codes and Standards" subtopic under "General Power Engineering". Otherwise, if there is no mention, I would consider it to be a "Protection" question under the "Transmission & Distribution" topic. But, I don't know, it certainly could be both.
  3. @gt9550a Let's do it! When and where?!
  4. Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm glad to say that results for the state of Tennessee have been released! And... I was lucky enough to have passed this second go-around! Thank you to all those who helped me here on EB. These forums were crucial in my success, and a big special thanks to the really active members who contribute so much. I hope all of you fair well! Best regards, brip, PE
  5. @Szar did you get you information from an ncees insider? I'm sure there's an embassy somewhere he can live in...
  6. I found slide 75/76 very interesting! Does this mean they grade all the tests, double and some triple checked, within 2 days?! :o
  7. Thank you for that KL... I think you may be on to something. At least let my brain cool down for a bit and get back with the family some haha And like you said... may have passed!!
  8. I don't know if how I feel. I feel like the test was more difficult, but I was also more prepared so to me that almost feels like a wash. haha
  9. I think it was harder than the Oct. 27th 2017 Exam. That said, I'd say there were 3 problems that I had no clue on and probably had 6 in the morning and 6 in the evening that required guessing. I felt the morning was more difficult than the afternoon. Just crossing my fingers and praying. And, also still gonna do one practice problem a day to keep it fresh until I get my results.
  10. @BirdGrave... I have not tabbed Wildi. I haven't even worked with it to be honest so I'm not sure what all it covers. I had a similar feeling to the PPI reference manual, which I'm uncertain how it compares, but for me I just went through and tabbed the specific topics I referenced most down the side and I tabbed the begginnings to each major section (Circuit Analysis, Generation, Distribution, etc.) along the bottom. By the way I'm having the same feelings as you. Getting ancy. I'm gonna go to the mall and blow some money to cope.
  11. @BirdGrave Thanks man. I appreciate that! Trust me when I say last year was the busiest year of my life. That said, I scored a 49/80. From the report generated from the Oct. 2018 test, I think I was about 4 questions shy of passing. By the way.... t-minus 1 day and counting.
  12. Folks: Just wanted to open a thread to discuss power factors. I'd like to narrow the scope of the discussion to commercial and industrial buildings, although the principals are the same for large scale power distribution. Notes: I know that lightly loaded motors have very low power factors that will contribute to the system PF. Resitive loads such as incandescent lamps and resistive strip heat do not effect power factor. Capacitive reactance such as (run/start capacitors, passive, active, or dynamic) can help correct the PF. What type of environments do you s
  13. @BirdGrave Tabbing for me was the best part of my review. I tabbed the following : 2018 NEC with NEC tabs Graffeo per the table of contents (Upset with how narrow the index is) PPI Camera Reference manual My own equation binder I made using the most common equations. My first go around I used PPI reference manual, NEC, and my equation binder were most useful.
  14. @BirdGrave Well last year was hectic to say the least. Got married, working on some big projects, truck got stolen, etc. So for this round I would say things have been more focused. Examples: Actually completed Graffeo cover to cover Completed the following practice exams PP1 Practice exam 1 and 2 New NCEES exam with new problems Kaplan Practice Exam Graffeo Practice Exam Actually went back and redid the problems I got wrong to strengthen my weaknesses. Unlike my previous attempt it wasn't so much of a cra
  15. GOOD LUCK FOLKS! PE Round 2 in t-minus 4 Days and counting... ready to kill it!
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