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  1. What are you looking for in particular? I can't really help you unless you're more specific. This is a good website to get an overview of different steel grades (austenites, duplex, PH steels etc) https://www.edelstahl-haerten.de/en/materials/ Not sure if that's helpful though. If you're a beginner, I really recommend "Steel Metallurgy for the Non-metallurgist" by JD Verhoeven. It's a basic book but most universities should have it I think. 

  2. Those information are quite hard to find, I'm afraid. I have found some info on 202 and the 300 grades here. It's in relation to corrosion but I am not sure how reliable these numbers are. What are the hardening processes you're going to test by the way? There are a lot and they all promise improvement on different mechanical properties (although most are centered on improving hardness). For example boronizing promises a hardness of up to 2800HV (source). I'd be interested to see if they can keep their promise. So if you happen to check that one out, lemme know the results.

  3. Combined cycle with steam using gas turbine exhaust can reach over 60% efficiency but take 30 minutes or more so start up. These are about 1200$ per KW. Several articles talk about more than 250 minutes to a cold start of a combine cycle plant to 100%. 

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