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  1. What I did to ensure I had enough study time was I just scheduled my exams one month apart in the 3 month window they give you. they give you approval to test for both exams, but then you have the ability to schedule them whenever you want within the next quarter. I have read here that the optimal timing within the three month window is to take exam 1 in the first month, exam 2 in the second month. That way, when you get your final results in the third month, you still have time to apply for reexamination if needed for the following quarter. That timing has been messed up though during co
  2. Thanks for the info. Hopefully all the work to get the scores prepared is done prior to monday and its just a matter of the e-mails going out.
  3. I think they were asking how do the handle the fact that originally they only checked the "Seismic" box on the application instead of both. So its their first time taking the exams, but has not been approved for the survey since they didn't check that box on the original application.
  4. There are many dirt trails, but a lot of them are single track with a lot of elevation gain. If you like something like dry creek but dirt, the highline canal trail is fantastic, and runs through a decent chunk of the metro. I live down in castle rock and do many miles on the Ridgeline open space trails. I also like Bluffs regional park, Indian creek campground, mount falcon, and deer creek canyon.
  5. That reminds me of a story from the Ten Junk Miles show where the host talks about the whole smoking while marathoning thing and how/where he would have to hide or maneuver to smoke before/after races. I personally love running. It’s basically all I need to stay in shape besides a few stability and core routines that can be done with body weight. I love it, never gets boring to me. It’s time to clear my head, listen to audio books, podcasts, etc. mostly keep it extremely aerobic never running very hard at all. And nothing is really required to do it but shoes.
  6. Sounds like worst case you submit another application with just the front end info and that box checked with the fee. You may be able to just call them though. thiughts @CAPLS? He’s the real smart one when it comes to this stuff.
  7. Same to you...I wasn't nearly as anxious waiting for my survey results because I was too busy turning around and studying for Seismic. But now I have nothing to do but refresh my e-mail...oh and that whole job thing 😂
  8. At least they had fun in the process
  9. Very cool! I am currently working in the Denver area, although none of my projects are here. my background is in track design, a good mix of work for class 1 freight railroads, transit agencies, and industrial facilities who have rail needs. Mostly focused in the Chicago metro area, but other projects scattered throughout the country (and a few in Canada). If you are interested in local rail-related networking opportunities, PM me. A group called Colorado Rail Professionals has been organized (although has been stalled due to COVID)...the group typically held happy hours every two/three months
  10. that reminds are you all searching the latest license numbers issued? I was messing around with the search tool yesterday but I couldn't figure it out.
  11. Curious to know how many of you working in transportation consulting have moved over to OpenRoads Designer for one or more clients? What about if a new project comes up and the client does not specify what you should use, does anyone default to ORD yet? I am gearing up for a big training on it with my team. To be honest, we all are still using SS2 in the rail world for most things...but the writing is on the walls as far as Bentley product support moving forward.
  12. Anyone on this forum working in the rail or transit industry? Or have worked on a few rail projects in the past? I am a track engineer, wondering if there are any more of us on this website!
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