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  1. No problem! Not sure where you’re at in your timeline, but I took this exam 6 years after graduation, so many things were far from fresh (I can’t say I’ve ever had to take an integral or multiply matrices at work for example). But those books alone with a lot of repetition got me where I needed to be!
  2. Get these books: FE Review Manual: Rapid Preparation for the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam, 3rd Ed FE Mechanical Practice Problems Do problems over and over until your scoring 80-90% correct in each chapter without looking at answers. Be sure to use the FE Reference Manual as your only resource when working out problems. Familarity with this is key. As you get closer to your planned exam date do a timed NCEES practice test.
  3. Offering up the below books for Mechanical Thermal/Fluids Exam preparation - all are listed at less than Amazon's used book prices - about half what I paid 6 months ago. Prices as marked or $225 for entire lot. I'll cover the cost of USPS media mail shipping (2-8 days) within US. NCEES Mechanical Engineering Thermal and Fluids Systems (2016 Ed.) - Marked up throughout with pencil - $10 Engineering Unit Conversions, Lindeburg (4th Ed.) - Minimal markings - $30 Thermal and Fluids Systems Six-Minute Problems, Deckler (2nd Ed.) - Like New - $60 PE Mechanical Thermal and F
  4. Appreciate the note - I guess I should have prefaced that I am only describing my test taking experience. I would say the need for interpolation on the test I took was minimal. I used my calculator to do any interpolations for me and as I said, time was not an issue for me on test day, so a couple extra seconds didn’t make a difference. If you think you’re going to need every last second, print out the tables (great links!). But I just used the MERM tables, and I passed, so it can be done!
  5. This forum was astronomically helpful for me when it came to figuring out how to study for this goliath of an exam. I just found out I passed the exam on my 1st attempt and I wanted to share my study methods for future test takers in case it’s of any value, like previous posts were to me. My Background: Graduated with a ME degree in 2011, but technically work as an environmental engineer in the municipal drinking water industry. I considered taking the Civil Water Resources exam, but was scared off by the civil breadth section. I decided to go back to my mechanical roots and chose thermal
  6. Seriously, working SlaythePE's power plant problems flipped the switch of understanding for me! I honestly don't think I would have passed without you @Slay the P.E.!
  7. YAY!!! So happy for you! Dr. Tom certainly lived up to his promises!
  8. Thank you so much! I hope you hear soon!
  9. Passed ME thermal/fluids! Could not be more relieved! Good luck to all still waiting!!
  10. Maine is out! 11:12 AM East Coast
  11. Ahhhh nerves are officially in hyper-drive now!
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