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  1. Where is the information coming from that CA national exams are cancelled?
  2. I wish they would just allow those who failed in Quarter 3 to retake in Quarter 4. There are so many test dates available on Prometric...
  3. Awesome thanks @Ryan3 and @mejia89. My surveying exam tomorrow!
  4. If anyone has taken the CPESR course and the Survey exam, would you say the actual exam was closest in difficulty to the Medium CPESR practice exam or the Hard CPESR practice exam? Thanks!
  5. Wow, I practice seismic design every day in my 9-5. Went in to the exam very confident. Didn't review too much. Was surprised by some of the questions, especially the rigidity stuff. Didn't pass. Gonna have to prepare seriously and pass in January.
  6. Haven't been here for a couple of weeks. I should never have came! I was perfectly fine until I saw the group panic for results release.
  7. Can you all share how you prepared for the survey exam? Practice materials, courses, etc. would be much appreciated!
  8. I received the ATT for survey and seismic. My ID number is not working yet when I try to schedule on the Prometric website.
  9. 12/30/19 - Check cashed 01/15/20 - Application in technical review 02/19/20 - Application approved
  10. Like biffnater said, the wood design problems should be very very basic. No design of wood connections. Basic lateral loads are valuable to study as well (shear walls, flexible diaphragms). I'd say one of the most important pieces of advice I could offer would be, understand your ACI 318 and Steel Manual. Understand organization, table of contents, index. You can be sure you will use concrete and steel design codes intensively.
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