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  1. Sending positive vibes to the folks sitting for the exam today...
  2. People posted about receiving emails on the PE sub-reddit. May be some part of CA. I just know that they were told to test in Reno or Vegas if they still want to sit for it. Maybe it's Northern CA or something. I live on the east coast so my geography is a little off.
  3. All. Madison, WI location was cancelled as well. Moved to Milwaukee. Also, NCEES moved up the CBT date for the Civil exams from 2023 to 2022.
  4. You can take a prep course like Project Management Academy or maybe the one recommended here (I don’t know much about it) or submit credit hours obtained through study. So I submitted my application many years ago and I used credit hours earned through my PM course and scheduling course in undergrad, and a bunch of courses that I completed in grad school (MBA program) like accounting, organizational development, etc. I attended a PMP prep course that fulfilled the 35 hour requirement but I didn’t use it because my application was already approved. Many of the people in my class did though
  5. I listened to a podcast about this. Disgusting. I'm angered by this. Why feign diversity by easing standards for one group and raising them for another? Kids are out here dealing with mental illness, anxiety, stress, and depression while trying to meet their goals and this is what's happening? I would be outraged if I was one of the rejected students knowing I did everything and more.
  6. Confused. Determined but apprehensively confused. With a sprinkle of wtf?!
  7. Not to discourage anybody but seriously, if somebody studies for 250+ hours and suddenly comes down with some symptoms a couple of days out, I doubt they would tell the proctors. Also, as we’ve seen with the school re-openings, some folks could get tested, take the exam, and then find out that they tested positive. No thanks. Like I said before, I’ll sit this one out. If you decide to go through with it, be safe!
  8. We are getting my daughter her first pet for her 6th birthday. I chickened out from adopting two guinea pigs. I've had dogs and cats as pets. The guinea pigs take more work than both combined. So we're back to getting a betta fish with a really cool tank lol
  9. People are making poor choices these days.
  10. I now personally know three people with COVID. I was invited to a kid's birthday party where one of the people would be present. I wasn't planning to go anyway because wtf-there's-a-pandemic-going-on. The other two people are older and have little to no symptoms. That is so chilling.
  11. I can’t control what NCEES will do and I can’t control what other people are doing to stay healthy. I can only control myself. I’ve officially decided to sit this one out.
  12. *brakes* So, I can answer this (rhetorical) question. You're welcome in advance. lol I've mentioned mentoring before and to be honest with you, it starts before college... or at least the encouragement part does. It's so important for kids to see themselves in our profession. I try my best to speak at events for middle schoolers and high schoolers as much as I can. I'm also involved in hands-on volunteer opportunities, going into city schools and introducing kids to the fun side of our industry. Last Fall, I went to a high school and introduced a bunch of young Black and Brown girls
  13. It sounds like you've got it figured out but if you ever want to bounce anything off of me, I'm here. Shoot me a message and we can chop it up! 🙂
  14. My best mentoring relationships happened naturally. I was very fortunate to run across people who just took interest in guiding me and giving me opportunities. All were men and almost all were white. I had a client who was a Black man - stern, retired Army Colonel who loved war history. Other than us both having brown skin, I never really thought much about us having anything in common. The one thing I really admired was how deliberately he made his decisions, and in the consultant world this was rare - he actually stuck with his decisions, unless more information was provided and he was asked
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