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  1. Please search the Electrical Power portion of this site.
  2. Pay $200 or $2000, passing is passing. Getting that PE is worth more than you know.
  3. Looks dumb and doesn't add anything to your name. Wait til you get a license #.
  4. Zach, do you post passing rates? I am a former course taker and also submitted that I passed when results came out in November 2017.
  5. Go with Zach Stone. I passed my 2nd attempt. I started in July for the October 2017 test.
  6. If you pass, then yes it is worth it. First time, I tried studying myself. Failed 42/80. Second time, I did the GT Course (wouldn't recommend) and Zach Stone's course. I passed. I spent aprox. $1400 on everything. To me, taking both (and purchasing books) was definitely worth it because I passed. Of course, my company reimbursed me but it's up to you.
  7. This was my strategy when I passed the 2nd time in 2017. Zach's course was great. I assume the course has gotten more content since I took it, so for anyone looking to do a course, I recommend Zach Stone.
  8. It is, but once you have one, getting licensed in other states is so much easier. My initial license was in NC but got my SC license recently and only had to fill out a few portions of the application and send in a $75 fee, along with having NCEES release my record to SC board.
  9. Account for 5 months but CLEARLY knows trolling/spamming isn't a tradition? Go through past threads and please do educate yourself before looking like a fool.
  10. It does bother you, clearly. you only had your account for 5 months.
  11. i've been told the cut off score for the Power PE is higher than 56/57.
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