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  1. I was told by my direct boss that he couldn't give me a raise because I was already topped out for my position. Trust me I am not on top of the pay scale for an engineering position. My brother is in the same field an makes nearly 15k more than I do for similar job. My boss told me perhaps I could discuss it with the VP of Engineering to see if there was something that he could do to give me a higher salary. I would be required to stamp calculations a few times a year so it isn't like I would never be using my license. It is unfortunate that some companies do not acknowledge this achievem
  2. I am curious to who all will be asking for a raise after finding out that that passed the PE Exam. Do you plan to ask for a raise immediately this week, or wait a few months. In addition, I would be curious to hear from people who received a raise. What percentage of raise did you get?
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