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  1. If you wrote your own check, you would know as soon as board 💰 the check on your bank account. otherwise wait n see🤓
  2. Remember AM portion has least transportation questions. Which AM section is not your strength?
  3. If you are open to switch depth , I would recommend Water Resources and Environmental. You would need least amount standard and reference. Again, you tried transportation .. but no fruit 🍉. Unless transportation is bred n buttter at your work .. it is worth considering WRE. I am sure you can solve drainage problem. You should know in transportation anyway.
  4. Not in the same boat but would like to help .. what afternoon depth .. you attempted and failed.
  5. It's updated.. it's real.. good by EB sammers...
  6. Really... how does it look .. temporary lisence?
  7. Anybody saw their name on lookup database, I you got ur results yesterday?
  8. Fingers crossed. Hope Board finalized the list before releasing results.
  9. Any chance ... database will be updated tonight and see our name .... I can’t wait to make my P.E. stamp. Any past pro shed some light?
  10. Alright, my wait is over .... California Love... Passed Dern surveying..... wizyweeee"".".......
  11. If it takes 24 hours.. you never know
  12. Who is waiting more than 1hour n half ?
  13. Anyone waited more than one hour?
  14. Pass or fail you all would be spending chesse anyway👌
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