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  1. They haven't been out that long, and yet I seem to see them everywhere. Supply < Demand, as has been pointed out. I only notice them because I think they are a Land Rover or Bentley SUV. I have a 3 year old crew cab half ton pickup. I am appalled at what those are selling for. So appalled I will probably list it for sale. The problem comes when I get very few deals trying to get into a new one.
  2. 100%. Hypothetically, could you BS the first 15 years and not have anyone sign off (I think they call it self verify)? It wont count on your record, but you only need 4 verified years. I self verified ~ 5 years because it was construction jobs that didn't have PE's or was my first year out of college and I didn't want to hunt them down.
  3. I say for that distance, with those circumstances- drive. In early July we went to my in-laws, we drove 19 hours with a 7, 3.5 and 1 year old. The in-laws are older and more in the danger zone, like you we wanted to lower our risk of giving them the gift of covid, but still see them. The only exposure to the public was gas stations, and that was manageable. Also, think about it this way- from the time you leave your house to the time you get to your destination when flying is probably 8 hours with a layover. Add 3 and you've driven there. In late July we flew to my parents- Southwes
  4. Yes and I agree it is very good. I listen to a few hunting/fishing/conservation podcasts and those guys are very active in that world. They were on Rogan recently too. I despise SBX, prefer 7-11 (when small shop coffee isn't available) and have found the yellow bag from Costco is pretty good for home. At one point I really liked the flagship flavor from Boulder Organic. My wife's friends husband had to get me an obligatory Christmas gift a few years ago (don't get me going on this). He's 15/16 years deep with the Marines, he was on this BRCC thing early. He got me a mug with
  5. The problem I have is my 3.5 year old son comes out in the garage to help, takes the tools I am working with and hides them. Then he tries to make up for taking my wrench by handing me his plastic 3/4 box end which has never been useful. Every time he does it I text a picture to my dad and say I am sorry I did this to you.
  6. I will bet money this is Lawrence Construction. Also, I am connected to Megan and she did not reach out to me. Frankly, I have no idea why I am connected her. Not a damn clue. My personal favorite is when a recruiter calls you about your own job. I was estimating at the airport and none of the staff augmentation entities could find estimators. Luckily it wasn't a deal where I was being replaced, but damn, read the profile. You didn't even have to go that far down.
  7. I would focus my attention on the seatbelts and rollcage... I like how its got a rooftop tent just to make it that much more of a rollover risk.
  8. Or balance... I remember I felt like I could pop a wheelie in that setup easier than the R6... I think the last year they made them was 2001. That one was a 99. My dad bought 3 black 1999's that had been in accidents in 2005. I picked the Classic, very easy to work on. My brother and I each robbed parts off the 3rd. It was an awesome vehicle to have in college. I am 100% certain the airbag would not have gone off if I had been in an accident after my replacement. Very good regarding sport and even better utility. But it got like 11 mpg in the city and when I got my first real job I traded
  9. I don't have an SE. If your company doesn't give any promotion, but does give more work, why would you continue to work there? I can understand if you're in an low population area with few firms. You're in NYC. You have an accreditation that not many people have. Maximize it. But do your due diligence to make sure any new company is a good fit. Your definition of good.
  10. Do you have the ability to make your own? Or have a fab shop do it? Just go with the heaviest steel available, well for the hitch/tongue at least. The carrier worked fine. I saw it laying next to my dads scrap pile when I visited my parents this summer. The XJ was not a fan.
  11. So, I just got this information submitted- it only took 2 years. To anyone embarking on the process, its not that bad. It sucks, don't get me wrong, but I was pleasantly surprised though when I read that my work experience submissions were in my supervisors hands for final verification. Biggest takeaway- use the term "I then a verb that has to do with engineering/construction/permitting/etc" over and over again and you probably won't hear from NCEES. Now I just need to wait for a few days/weeks to make sure there isn't any surprises from my last entry or supervisor comments.
  12. I worked for an engineering company that started a construction division. One year (after management changes in our group) we were told to act like the rest of the company and fill out our timecards per the hours we actually worked on the individual project, ie, like the engineers. Previously we had not done timecards or filled them out for 40 hours a week. For the 4 years I worked there we were paid salary, and we were a small group- less than 5 of us over the year. After that year somehow we got the data from corporate. I remember one engineer was an oddball and had like 2900 billable
  13. Pivot tables, shortcuts, data analysis tools, etc. Wide range, i know, but basically I want to become more proficient at Excel. Ultimately, from there I want to become proficient with Tableau. We also deal with a lot of PDF data that needs to be converted back to excel, but that's not really excel. Thanks for sending the link, I'll start there and see what else pops up. I was hoping to narrow down all the free options to some that people had previous success with.
  14. To those of you that get paid for over 40 hours, how often does that happen? Do your companies really try to use the over 40 hours for emergencies only? For every job I have had I have been paid a salary. I am primarily in construction though. The construction jobs were basically work as many hours as needed (60ish) to get the job done/be there when the crew was plus bookends, etc. In my jobs that were in an engineering office (Project Controls/Estimating) I was expected to be in the seat 40 hours per week- no more, no less.
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