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  1. Chuck Tingle. Omg. I have Friday night Zoom calls with friends back in TX and we spent one of those evenings reviewing the titles of his stories. LOL. They are way too NSFW to post here, but they are a RIDE.
  2. And ovaries clashing together. Like cymbals. THIS IS POETRY
  3. I believe @MadamPirate PEmentioned the romance novel about someone falling in love with the coronavirus. Did you have a lot of questions hearing that "Kissing the Coronavirus" is a thing that exists? Like why? How? Seriously? Ask no further: https://www.facebook.com/vee.wills.940/posts/727331924487389 HAPPY FRIDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY edit: These excerpts are NSFW but if you're working from home like me YOU'RE ALL GOOD
  4. @jean15paul_PEThat sounds fun! I'd be down.
  5. 🎵 I get by with a little help from my friends 🎵
  6. @ChebyshevII PEI vote for @MadamPirate PE
  7. LOL YES. ~~Kissing the Coronavirus~~
  8. Really sad. One of the best. Now I wish I'd forked over money to see them when they were still touring.
  9. @ChebyshevII PE I vote for @LyceeFruit PE
  10. @Dothracki @tj_PE I established last round that I'm not answering questions about whether or not I'm mafia. My actions will reveal whether or not I'm a townie, not by answering questions like that. @ChebyshevII PE I vote for @RBHeadge PE
  11. Maybe we will be maf......TOGETHER. AND TAKE OVER THE WORLD
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