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  1. I'm gonna go with this should actually say DUMBass.
  2. And on the way back... And on the way there day 2. Why am I doing both days again?
  3. You will want at least Chapters 1-6 of AASHTO, but all are recommended. David Connor has some bridge books that are helpful. Bridge is 10 or so morning problems, so you will want to be prepared for them.
  4. I'll let you know in December. My gut says... yes. I'll be taking April 21.
  5. I'll play next week. Why the hell not. Just don't pick on me, I will have zero idea what is going on, and imma spend 16 hours in total panic thursday and friday.
  6. It is for my birthday, and since I will suddenly come into some free time.... a reading device would be awesome. My fire hurts my eyes after a while.
  7. I'm going to get a Kindle... not sure if paperwhite or Oasis.
  8. Oh, you guys are in much better shape than me. Vertical was 17/40, finished zero afternoon problems, and lateral was 23/40, finished 2 afternoon. I have to have a delicate balance of speed so my writing is legible and still get it done. Ugh.
  9. I think I may have had the opposite issue on that one, my load was way lower than required for the beam table.
  10. It felt kind of like being back in Finite Element Analysis and handed a final exam with a 6 panel truss to analyze. My matrices written out look an hour, and that was unsolved. Just writing for an hour straight. Side note, pretty sure I'll be failing no mater what after that. And I felt way better about lateral than vertical.
  11. So a double blind setup?
  12. AHahahahahaahahahah. Shut it.
  13. Ah, yes. Back in my younger days I used to be quite the investigator.
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