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  1. That's great news!! Congratulations!
  2. Thanks! Did you take the PPI class as well? Good luck! And I hope your exam date doesn't change.
  3. Been real quiet here - has anyone taken the CBT during the pandemic? Are testing centers open? How is everyone studying and preparing for the PE during the pandemic?
  4. Thanks a lot! I borrowed one from my colleague today !
  5. Does anyone know of a good reference for different kinds of respirators to use for different contaminants?
  6. Thanks folks! Just got done with the "AIR controls" chapter in EERM and you're right.. EERM's coverage is way too broad.. Cooper and Alley goes into more depth.. I'm also working out some of the sample problems from Copoer and Alley.. we'll see how it goes! THanks once again for all the advice/suggestions!
  7. I'm barely getting started and I'm quite overwhelmed looking at the air topics!! I have a Masters in Environmental Engg but my courses were all focused on Water/Wastewater and my work experience in remediation. Never really taken courses in air. What should by main focus be in air? Are psychrometry problems, cooling tower problems etc important?? What should I start with? I would greatly appreciate any pointers/advice. ALso, do the school of P.E review courses cover the air topics in depth?
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