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  1. Thanks and congrats to you all, too! The handbook is just the code with additional comments and pictures/diagrams, so I didn't see the need to own/bring both.
  2. As promised above, the PDF is attached. I also included a small pic of my favorite resources. My Experience with the PE Exam1.pdf
  3. Good morning all. I received the green "Pass" for my Power PE exam this morning, so I'm ready to release the write-up of my experience. I will reply to this with an attached PDF for those who want a simple 2-page print-out (the site isn't letting me attach it here). Hoping this is a help to you future test-takers! As a side note, I took (for the first time) and passed the FE exam earlier this year. I have a write-up for that in the FE forum. My Therapist Said I Should Do This for Closure (Joking) I did a lot of research before prepping for the Power PE exam, and many of my resou
  4. By the way, here is a link to the book we're talking about:
  5. Not a problem. I don't remember exactly - it was either 54 or 56 in the morning. It was in the limitations NCEES said it would be within. The paper based NCEES problems and solutions manual is no longer in print. I actually bought it on Amazon in December of 2013. I just didn't use it until I got ready for the exam early this year. Originally paid ~$41. It looks like it's not available for a reasonable price at the moment. I'll probably wind up selling it grouped with my other study materials on ebay. Sorry to bring up a resource that was so scarce.
  6. Hi All, I just passed the FE (Electrical and Computer) Exam and wanted to pass along my experiences before gleaning what I can from this site for PE prep. I was a non-traditional student who worked full-time while going to school part-time. Because of this, calculus was seven years in my past by graduation. I chose not to take the FE my last semester. I focused on my new engineering job straight out of school and began studying for the FE three years after graduation. Here are the highlights of my studies and exam experience: Watched a YouTube video featuring Joel Erway - this
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