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  1. have the civil exams become super hard now? having this type of book seems like overkill. CERN itself seemed like overkill
  2. well here's the thing, being at work is nothing like being at school. just because you're a poor student, it doesn't mean thst you're not an amazing worker! there's probably very little correlation. i was a very good student in middle school, very poor student in high school, pretty good student in college and grad school, and in my own eyes and very poor employee at most of my jobs. i hated every single one of them. i even considered a career change and be a professor at one point (and actually enrolled in a police academy too) now i run my own business, have very little stress and make
  3. lol i sent him a PM if he wanted it. doesn't look like it.
  4. anyone want to go halfsies on a class? send me a PM
  5. The best bang for your buck is the villa nova course and the Mike holt DVDs for the NEC. Still a little surprised (and thankful) after studying the incorrect material and having zero background in electrical PM me if you want more info
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