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  1. Same here, Prometric re-scheduled me for another test. I have to take an emergency leave for a week starting tomorrow to start prepping again.
  2. Any update on your exam result? Were you able to receive an email from the Board?
  3. It doesn't mean that we failed because we din't received the results. Some examinees received their results last Monday but failed.
  4. We should have received our results last Monday. I emailed the Board and called few times but got no response. Had you tried calling the Board?
  5. When did you took your exam? exact date? I have not received my result for seismic either.
  6. Does anybody here have not received their results yet from August 2020 exam?
  7. It's not in the spam folder too. I took the test last 08/18, I received the seismic result last month fine. As mentioned previously, my computer hanged twice during the test and lost about 5 mins of time. Prometric filed a report to the Board, that may be the case?
  8. I still have not received my results for Seismic. Does anybody have not received their results yet too?
  9. Congrats! Are they releasing the email results in alphabetical order? My last names starts with Y.
  10. Congrats! How do you find the Seismic exam?
  11. Are you guys serious?! I don't see any email from BPELSG yet.
  12. Guys, for this quarter which test (Seismic or Surveying) did you found more difficult? Also, my computer hanged twice during the Seismic exam and lost about 5 minutes of time. Prometric said they reported it to the Board. Do you think the Board will give me some consideration?
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