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  1. I think it washes some of the starch off of of the rice, which can do things like prevent the rice from sticking together, which in turn gives a much better texture to the rice and better overall cook. I think I'm going to make it standard practice in our household!
  2. Is this making fun of Biden’s stutter? I didn’t watch last night’s debate but did read a really fascinating Atlantic article about Biden being a stutterer a few months ago. He’s really overcome a lot, and it was a very well written article, written by an author who also is a stutterer, and had a very keen eye to recognize how Biden works around his stutter by using certain ways of speaking that might seem a bit strange, very strange, or not noticeable at all by the majority of the rest of people who do not stutter. Personally, it gave me a different understanding for how Biden talks.
  3. Wow, so maybe I'm in the minority in never having done it... I'm thinking of getting some large pan sieves to start the journey of milling my own flour, and think a great double purpose would be for rinsing rice too... This might be a new thing I simply have to do every time I cook rice!
  4. I never ate squash growing up, either. Like, never, and I grew up in the Bay Area here in California. I don't know, maybe it just wasn't my mom's thing? But when I went to college in New England, I got introduced to a LOT of produce I had never eaten, like many squashes, kale, many more types of apples than I had ever known existed, etc. I think that was mainly due to a co-op that stocked a very wide variety of veggies. That helped form my diet a lot, especially when I moved off campus and was cooking for myself. But I'm also big cookbook person! I just got a new vegan cookbook (Oh She Glows f
  5. I thought it changed the texture of the rice a lot. I know the package directions always say to, but honestly, the only reason I did this time was because the recipe I was using said specifically to rinse the rice. I thought that it gave much more texture to each individual grain of rice. It might be worth it to do it every time! Thought for 2 c of dry jasmine rice, it took a LOT of rinsing to get the water to run anything close to what I'd call clear.
  6. Okay, so be honest with me, people! Who out there EVER rinses their rice before cooking it? I'm asking because I actually DID that last night, and holy moly, the rice was fantastic.
  7. It's what you find if you drive approximately 2 hours east from your location in the winter months of a year when it decides to precipitate when the temperature is below 32 degrees!
  8. I'm glad I got my Real ID last year! My husband also got his in early March, before everything went into pandemic-mode... But his DL was about to expire anyway.
  9. Haha! Next time, I'd stick with the marg's and skip the queso. But, I dunno, we just try to stick to a loose 80/20 scheme in the kitchen. We cook/prepare 95% of our meals (we typically get takeout on time a week) and stick to lots of plant-based diets (lots of beans, legumes) and use dinner leftovers for lunch the next day. This week, for instance, our dinners (the only meal I really plan, as breakfast for me is always a protein shake and Mr. Leggo either has the same or a bowl of granola -- Purely Elizabeth ONLY because it's the best tasting and decent in protein, low in sugar, and lunch is u
  10. I don't actually do that much planking work -- and a full plank workout is pretty abnormal but it's part of the 6-week challenge I'm doing right now, that I started a week late but whatever! My husband is INSANE with planks. He has one of those plank roller things (it looks like this: ) and has worked up to spending like 9.5 minutes on it every morning on weekdays. I think the every day part is super key! I never use it and can maybe only do 1 min on it, if I'm lucky? It's super tricky! I'm not biking as much as I used to (because I'm not really commuting to the office ever), and I think
  11. Hey, I did an AMRAP workout today! I set the time to 30 min, and did the following circuit with 1 min. rest in between circuits: 30 sec elbow plank, 10 sets of right hip dips, 10 sets of left hip dips, 10 spiderman jumps/each side, 10 hands to forearms planks, and forearm plank to max (I typically ramped up from 1:15 to 2 min). But it was at home? It was a pretty good workout, but whatever I did yesterday tired me out more.
  12. Fingers are crossed (which makes it hard to type)...
  13. And here we are again, it's FRIDAY!!
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