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  1. Does anyone have experience in either or both? Which would you recommend doing if you have to pick one? Would the MEM be weighted as equally in industry as an MBA? Assume staying in a firm/org which is engineering based. Thanks
  2. Yes. If its listed above then its available. Please PM me if you'd like to purchase.
  3. I printed both and put in a binder. you never know. Ive done practice questions where ive needed nfpa70
  4. Please send me your reasonable offers for the books in the attached image. I don't expect the list price as on other websites because they have to pay the parent site a commission . The second image is of all the freebies I can send you with a purchase, they are printouts of PDF's I used for studying as well as other free items passed on to me by friends to help me study. These are freebies which I am not making a profit off of, but helping a fellow exam taker. Just let me know which freebies you want with your purchase. The books still have tabs in them with exam topic labels, so maybe that h
  5. Just use a conventional electric oven
  6. Lets add columns for Vacation days per year Max vacation day banking Personal days Sick days Health insurance contribution Retirement plan Personal/Company contribution I think Income doesn't show much anymore. Home prices also govern the differences based on locality.
  7. Thanks! What do the folks who took the course think of it? I appreciate any feedback. Starts in two weeks
  8. I appreciate your feedback but Have you read the course description? I have my PE and a few hands on experience with solar powered projects and basic electrical designs in a Civil Engineering setting. My job has mostly project management aspects to it rather than actual engineering but I figure with this class I can learn the actual engineering Here are the course descriptions, please let me know your thoughts afterwards: First course: Study electrical principles and their application to electrical equipment, circuits, and systems used in commercial and residential buildings.
  9. For all you Building Electrical Systems Engineers: Would you/your company hire a PE electrical engineer who has minimal building electrical systems design with the following certificate: https://www.sps.nyu.edu/professional-pathways/topics/building-design/electrical-systems-design.html Would you expect a higher salary for this employee? How many years of experience would such a certificate equate to compared to a PE who gets experience on the job? Thanks!
  10. Wildi is good but along the same lines, if you dont understand a topic or the theory, Google it until you reach full understanding. Watch any youtube videos available that explain that theory. Master the subject. Print it all out and put it in a binder and tab it in case you need it for the exam. Goodluck
  11. You got it covered but the last week before the exam you want to sit down and practice the exam as if you were doing 4 hours then 4 hours except don't just sit idle if you finish 40 questions, take your break then begin with the next 40. This is like prepping for a 5k, your mind needs that conditioning. Atleast mine did. Its exhausting sitting and doing this for 8 hours, beyond knowing your stuff and hwere to reference, you'll be in the flow to do all this with ease. Best wishes.
  12. Exam practice book and drill book. PM me with an offer
  13. I graduated with 2.6GPA in Electrical but I also graduated during the 2007 recession. Easy enough for me to blame the recession more than my GPA but I got a temp position as a software engineer for 6 months. After which I taught math/sci at a private school for 2 years until I could find an engineering job as a sales/tech support engineer until the government started hiring again which was 6 years after my graduation then I joined the government as an engineer. I passed the FE exam 1 year after joining the gov. I got my PE license in my third year at the government and finally got a position
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