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  1. Pass SE exam to obtain PE license. Wow... This rule is only for structural engineers I guess.
  2. Interesting topic. 27 - FE 32 - PE 35 - SE About right. If I did not spend five-year in graduate school, the number should be 22, 27, 30 though.
  3. Hi, Dear Andie, I asked both Oregon licensure board and NCEES. So far what I got is as follows. 1. NCEES tells: Taking the "other module" of the PE Structural Engineering exam once a candidate has already passed one is not allowed by policy, unless it is required by a state board. 2. Oregon board told me that they will discuss that during next meeting... So, I think, it is still possible for a SE (bridge) passer apply SE license in Oregon but with more paperwork and passing SE (building) exam. If you are working in Oregon and want to get SE in Oregon, you better take S
  4. Hi, Dear Andie, Sorry, buddy, Oregon DOT never replied me. You may call them for the answer. Also, it seems we can still register SE (Building) exam after passing SE (Bridge) exam. So if you want to apply for SE license in Oregon, you may want to register SE (Building) exam at the beginning. Unless you want to pass both Building and Bridge SE exams. Thank, Stewie
  5. Once they reply, I will let you know.
  6. What if ppl already passed SE (bridge), so they can never be licensed as SE in Oregon? Yea, I should just ask Oregon board~
  7. AEI course is helpful. Then, get all the codes. Then, study and practice everyday for four months. That worked for me. For smarter ppl, maybe just need one month study.
  8. Hi, Dear Andie, I forgot which state but I saw someone posted that in this forum.
  9. Ah... I get it. That makes sense. Thx
  10. Can I sell the codes, like ASCE7, IBC, ACI, AISC...? Are they also copyright protected in this case?
  11. which book? Reinforced Concrete Structures: Analysis and Design, Second Edition?
  12. Congrats and Well Said. That "time for something new" is in my mind for a whole year. That's really the reason of excitement if we pass.
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