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  1. I wonder if they check our afternoon papers manually with on-site subject matter experts or sending them to check virtually due to COVID.
  2. December licensure exchange is up. They start determining our fates tomorrow.
  3. The SE grading workshop is this weekend. The Dec. issue of licensure exchange should be out anytime now. Hoping the results come by Friday next week.
  4. How is everyone's waiting mode/limbo going? Are you still keeping up a light schedule of everyday study or got yourself busy with some other daily activity? With every passing day, I feel like I am losing time to study for the April exam so I have opened up my books and doing some light study.
  5. I think it's a pretty significant part of the grading process as the graders want to know how familiar you are with the code and the way to show it would be citing it in your solution workflow. I have heard people get by with an "Improvement Required" by writing their solution procedure and citing code equations for certain parts of the problems.
  6. About one more month to go folks. While I thought I did generally well in both portions, one part each from two of the afternoon problems is where I could have explained myself much better. Last time I took the test, I missed by a few questions in the morning session. Hope this time its enough to cross the line.
  7. I received a paper pocket card, Email and the renewal notice due in December. Wondering if anyone here received the plastic card and the wall certificate yet?
  8. I am not thinking about the results until the 2nd week of December and this thread was not created by me...
  9. Its on I thought it was really cool too but wanted to make sure that the city officials reviewing drawings take me seriously with the bear and its not in disagreement with any board rules. Thanks!
  10. I think this needed to go in the "After you Pass the Exam" forum. I don't see an option to do so. If any of the admins can move this thread to its rightful place, I'll appreciate it. Thanks!
  11. Hey Guys, I was trying to get a stamp and found two separate designs on a website. Are both of these acceptable designs? I haven't found much information on whether the "Bear" stamp is legit.
  12. Anyone received any Email from the board yet? When can we expect to receive the pocket card and wall certificate?
  13. Congratulations to everyone who passed. Whoever did not, you'll definitely cross the line next time and know that you are a better Engineer already since you spent the time and effort preparing.
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