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  1. Alrighty then, seems like I should actually be a little more aggressive with my asking price! Thanks for weighing in on this one folks!
  2. I've done both of those, but there's only a few MEP salaries on the survey here (none in my city) and they don't have a tone of salaries posted on Glassdoor. Plus, because they have offices in all sorts of different CoL areas, it's hard to say if the averages they do have are all that accurate. The only one they have that seems like it would be for my position posted at around 130k, which I suspect means it's more like a 20-25 year person.
  3. So I'm in the final stages of negotiating a new job with a fairly large MEP consulting firm (>100 million yearly gross), and I'm going to be going into salary negotiations next week with them. I'm fairly certain that I've been underpaid at my previous firm (<50 person firm), so I'm trying to make sure I don't take a low salary again and actually get up to market average. So here's where I currently am sitting: Salary: $89.5k, no bonus, no profit sharing. Benefits are also pretty lackluster (Grandfathered in High Deductible high deductible health plan that does not have an HSA, 1.5
  4. HVAC and Refrigeration I started studying around May, but didn't get serious until mid September. I ended up studying for a little more than 100 hours total. I tabbed a ton of stuff in my book and used almost none of it. I took two days off before the test to do some last minute cramming. I purchased the 6 Minute Solutions Book and the NCEES practice exam. The 6-minute solutions book was pretty good. The questions weren't too similar for the most part, but the difficulty was about right. The NCEES practice was not great. I found it way easier than the exam, and it seemed t
  5. Seriously, either we were all smart as hell this time, or they really lowered the cut score for us. Either way, I'll take it!
  6. Two christmas parties tonight. Things are going to get interesting...
  7. I honestly was only confident in about 60% of my answers, and maybe 50/50 on another 10%.
  8. I was pretty convinced I failed it...
  9. Gone for CO too, for whatever that's worth.
  10. That's about how my luck usually goes, guess it will teach me to try and narrow down my study patterns. I'll just have to figure out how to study every possible topic for next April ha ha.
  11. To be fair, some of the theory I studied did let me answer a couple questions that weren't like anything I'd seen in examples, but it definitely felt like I focused on the wrong subjects to study. Going by what some other people who took it in April told me, they changed a good portion of the exam this time around.
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