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  1. Now I do, given I have the results 😉 Honesty, prior to receiving the results, my gut said yes but, there is that nagging, maybe you didn't pass feeling that just wouldn't go away. SO HAPPY THIS IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Agreed.. At least now you know what to expect and also have a diagnosis of you weaknesses. Take a break, relax and determine what you can do differently next time. For me, the first time I was not organized. By organizing and focusing on truly understanding how to work the problems effectively, helped me pass the 2nd time.
  3. Yes, I received my results from NM on Thurs (5/24). I was going on vacation and decided not to open until a few days ago (PASSED ME HVAC/ Refrigeration). NM is in!
  4. NM is out 5/25 (and I passed). Was on vacation and didn't want to risk logging in until I was back home.
  5. Concurred - I wasn't expected so many word problems. Does anyone know if that is typical or, or the exam folks trying something "new"?
  6. Same here... I was very confident in the AM. PM I had around 8- 10 that I did was not comfortable with.
  7. I did SMS, in which I'm fairly comfortable and NCEES, which I personally think didn't perpared me. What PPI practice exam do you have? What is the full name? There are a few. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for your response. I'm curious how did you get through the exam without opening up ASHRAE? Is it one or multiple exams? Also, I only see one page of notes, was that your intention, or was there supposed to be more?
  9. Hello folks, Congrads to those that passed.. Unfortunately I will need to take this exam yet again. I understand SMS and the practice exam like the back of my hand. Studied and didn't slack off, this is WHY I am feeling low and a bit concerned. I found that I spent way too much time looking through ALL 4 ASHRAE handbooks, and that was time consuming. There was lot's of field application problems regarding reference that I just don't know by heart. Can anyone please share some of your experiences? :-(
  10. Does anyone know if there were multiple test?? I found tons of grammar errors in mind. I did NOT think it was like the practice exam at all, which I can do with my eyes closed!
  11. Congrads.. I did not have such look and I studied quite a bit. I didn't do well on the application portion. Any tips? I don't want to make the same mistakes twice ;-( Feeling very low..
  12. I found it to be very difficult, due to lots of grammar errors as well as lots of application questions that resulting in spending time in all 4 ASHRAE books. I'm wondering did we take the same test. Did you pass??
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