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  1. Hello. I was curious if anybody was selling any EET SE binders and/or study materials. Thank you.
  2. Hello. Yes, i'm waiting for my license number too. Have you received yours yet? Any news on when they'll update the site?
  3. To answer both of your questions, I self studied with the main workbook and used the ASCE 7-10 as a reference.
  4. Does anyone know how long it usually takes to become officially licensed in CA after passing all exams?
  5. No, the emails we get after passing the state specific exams don't give us any information on what do do next. Should we just wait or should we email our results to the CA board?
  6. Thanks and just to clarify, if I get it to them by June 30th, I will be able to take the exam in the next (July through September) quarter?
  7. It says on the re-examination form that if it gets approved by June 30th (18 days from now), I can take it sooner (7/1-9/30). Should I submit the re-exam form right now? If I do, will it be approved by June 30th?
  8. I'm in Los Angeles. local pickup would be preferred. Thank you.
  9. Congrats!! What study material did you use? How many hours did you spend studying?
  10. Surveying Principles for Civil Engineers, 2nd Ed by Paul Cuomo https://www.amazon.com/Surveying-Principles-Civil-Engineers-2nd/dp/1888577940/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1528729068&sr=8-1&keywords=cuomo+surveying
  11. I wouldn't waste time and money on a review course if I were you. The CERM and Practice Problems for the PE Exam are more than enough to pass the WRE exam.
  12. I passed the survey exam last October using mainly Cuomo's book and PPI's 120 Solved Surveying Problems. I didn't find Mansour's book to be very helpful. It goes in way too much depth and covers a lot of topics that aren't on the exam. The main thing you should focus on for the survey exam is doing the problems quickly and enough times where you basically don't have to look up any equations or info during the exam. Time is definitely the hardest obstacle since you only have like 2 hours to solve 55 questions.
  13. How soon after buying and enrolling in a course will I get the notes and how soon after can I start watching on demand lectures?
  14. How soon after paying and enrolling in a review class will you get your notes/binders and how soon can you start watching on demand lectures?
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