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  1. I would love to. Unfortunately, we are currently in the middle of this semester's live class program while trying to incorporate a lot of changes for the new CBT version of the power PE exam has me really putting in the hours. I've never played before, I'd be happy to take a rain check for anytime after the (now cancelled) Oct 23rd PE exam
  2. Not a bad book at all for the price but it is not as in depth as the Linden handbook.
  3. Never played before, but sounds fun!
  4. Wow this is a big thread 😮
  5. Yes, I contacted NCEES per @Tim @ NCEES's instructions. They said they are working on revising issues.
  6. If you're looking for a breakdown of the phasor diagram relationships these two videos sort it out:
  7. Hi @Tim @ NCEES, I've found a few mistakes in the new NCEES® Power PE Reference Manual for the CBT exam. One of them is a formula mistake with the variable in the wrong place that will result in a wrong answer for anyone that uses it. Who can I can notify at NCEES to help bring this to the right persons attention?
  8. Yup, code books will be provided via PDF!
  9. Shipping update: Shipping labels and envelopes were ordered prior to the giveaway, but have been delayed due to the pandemic. As of this morning, I should receive all envelopes and labels by the end of the week. I'm planning on shipping the practice exams the day that the envelopes and labels arrive so that you can receive your practice exam as soon as possible. If for some reason USPS continues to delay shipping labels and envelopes, I will personally mail them out in person one at a time the following week to prevent any additional delay. Thanks for your
  10. Unfortunately this book is not cheap. Most of the other reference books for the PE exam are actually in the same price range, but they all have international additions available at much more affordable prices. I've never found an international version of the linden battery handbook. Edit - That $12k price in your screen shot is wild! Edit 2 - This battery book is much more reasonable ($30) and looks promising based on the reviews and table of contents. I just ordered one to see if it is worth recommending as a cheaper alternative:
  11. Congrats to the winners! I know I said I was going to give away 12 copies, but so many of you entered I decided to more than double it and give away a total of 30 copies of the Electrical Engineering PE Practice Exam and Technical Study Guide. Here is the random drawing: Congrats to all 30 winners! *Please do not email me your mailing address. I will be messaging you on Engineer Boards directly (so check your messages). @Hamza @Tlurb46 @Jed Villanueva @Nestor Casilla @Aniket Shah @Jifo @Paco Bell @Urmil
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