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  1. I see ? Still waiting for my result in CA and have already donated.
  2. 38202 seems to the last mechanical license issued in CA CA results might not be released until 12/16/16
  3. Yeah but you can only search my first name, last name, city, county or license number. How would you know if new license numbers are added?
  4. Habib

    NCEES Survey

    At least we heard something from NCEES, we are getting closer to see the results ?
  5. Anyone taking CEM Exam? I just took PE exam and PMP is my next goal. I also manage energy incentives for our clients and is curious to know if CEM certification will add any value to my resume?
  6. Can you please expand Abby more on using BS classes as the 45 hours PM training? I am planning to take PMP exam in next few months and have more than 3 years project management experience. If I can use any of the classes from my BS Mechanical to get rid of 45 hours PM training requirement that will save me a lot of time and money. I did take engineering economics class when I was doing my BS and I think that can relate to PM training. Any thoughts?
  7. Habib

    MERM appendix

    I sent it again to you and Brett. May be the first time I copied wrong email address, let me know if you get it. thanks
  8. Habib

    MERM appendix

    Should be in your inbox.
  9. Habib

    MERM appendix

    Check your email. Good luck for the exam!
  10. Habib

    MERM appendix

    I sent you my personal email address. Appreciate your help?
  11. Habib

    MERM appendix

    Can someone share off copy of MERM Aapendix please?
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