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  1. I see how they solved the problem, but can anyone explain to me WHY I cannot get the same answer as them using the classic Streeter-Phelps equation from CERM 15th Edition Page 28-10 Eqn. 28.36: Dt=(KdBodu/(Kr-Kd)(e^(-Kdt)-e^(-krt))+D0(e^(-krt)) Where did that equation they are using for the last step come from anyway? Isn't this a classic Streeter-Phelps problem? How do they get away with never using D0 (dissolved oxygen deficit immediately after mixing) Thanks!
  2. Can anybody explain to me why they ultimately chose the ions that they did, to calculate the required CaO? Why did they sum up only CO2, Alkalinity, and Mg BUT not Ca? Thanks!
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