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  1. I am sorry to hear that , hopefully you will pass next time, the most important thing do not give up I passed the thermal and fluid exam after the fourth attempt
  2. The results were released in Overseas countries first
  3. I hope you to pass the exam
  4. I Hope you to pass the exam
  5. The PE results are released
  6. I would like to tell you that finally I passed the PE thermal and fluid exam, I have already filled the survey . Thanks again for your support , also I recommend to take the engineering pro guide sample exam and guide to be resources during the exam
  7. Finally I passed PE thermal and fluid exam after the fourth attempt
  8. Finally I passed after the fourth attempt
  9. Hi, let us assum 100 efficient regenerator in Bryton cycle and the temperature leaving compressor and entering regenerator is 1034R and temperature leaving regenerator and entering combustion chamber is 1684R and the exhaust temperature leaving turbine and entering regenerator is 1735R what is the exhaust temperature leaving the regenerator ?
  10. Thanks a lot it is very helpful PDF to understand tha basic of control valve
  11. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the combined gas and steam cycle?
  12. Hi all , would you please share with us the PDF that explain the basic regarding the control valve especially in flow characteristics and valve sizing? what are the questions that expected in this topic? thanks,
  13. I have failed in this exam three times and I would like to have comprehensive review course to pass this exam
  14. Would you please advise what is the best online course for the PE mechanical thermal and fluid discipline?
  15. Saad85

    MERM appendix

    Would you please send to me the soft copy of MERM appendix? your kind support is highly appreciated
  16. Thanks again for your feedback, would you please explain the mass balance for problem #510 in NCEES sample test? moreover I am really interested to purchase your mecanical PE thermal and fluid full exam. But does this exam reflect the actual specification of actual exam. thanks,
  17. Thanks a lot for your feedback , your support is highly appreciated
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