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  1. @I.ELKADY Any update?
  2. To anyone whose application was denied after they reviewed your supplemental experience record: what was the reapplication process? Were you required to gain a set amount of time (e.g. min 1 year) of additional experience before reapplying? On a similar token, my neighbor failed the test 4 times now and, by default, has to gain an additional year of experience before reapplying.
  3. Just called and the guy said I can include experience outside my discipline, but obviously to focus on experience in the discipline for the license I'm trying to obtain. Of course, the guy answering the phone isn't the same person(s) who reviews the SER.
  4. @TWJ PE @Limamike Mine was Dr Nieves, as well. Have mixed opinions about his teaching style... That's why I spent so much time, with the video paused, to research topics myself which I didn't feel he covered well, or in which he made mistakes. All in all, the course notes and practice problems were very integral to my success.
  5. I took/passed the exam in October, but opted to use the de-linked process (TX) by taking the test first, then worrying about the application later (now). I've been with the same employer since I started in 2010, but one of my positions wasn't directly related to my engineering discipline (I was still doing some high-level analysis of facilities design, but wasn't strictly Electrical). Do y'all think that matters to the TBPE? Or should I put more emphasis in the roles where my scope was strictly Electrical (I took the Power exam). I understand that a licensed PE can technically stamp a draw
  6. @I.ELKADY I've followed the same process as you (test first, application after). I'm sitting here trying to start on my SER (I'm also in TX), and the task ahead is mentally paralyzing me. I guess I'm concerned that they'll reject my experience and I will have overcome the feat of the PE exam without reaping the benefits... I've been with the same employer since I started in 2010, but one of my positions wasn't directly related to my engineering discipline (was still doing some high level analysis of facilities design, but wasn't strictly Electrical). You think that matters?
  7. School of PE Electrical Power Pass
  8. Oddly enough, they seem happy to let me schedule for the FE exam again... No thanks.
  9. Yeah, just tried it and all the PE exams say "Exam of this type has already been passed." I passed the OCT-2016 exam.
  10. You took SOPE. I did also, and managed to do far more than scrape by. Their notes needed a lot of highlighting in order to easily recognize headings, valuable information, formulas, etc. Also, create an index containing every heading/subheading so you can easily navigate the notes. I spent MANY hours just organizing this. Think my index, with 2 columns per sheet, was about 8 pages long... but priceless during prep and during the exam! Put the index and your custom formula cheat sheet into a paper brad folder so it's easy to use during the exam. From what I recall, my main resources
  11. Same here on both points. They said over 1500 people were taking the test this time. Compare that against the 621, or so, who took the test in April. Would assume/hope that people 1-3 years out of school would do worse than those with more experience, improving the curve. I'm at ~6.5 years in industry, but figured I'd worry about writing the SER and getting my references to submit the paperwork after the test.
  12. @matt267 PE did you get any kind of result other than "pass", or are you referring to other people's fail diagnostics to determine that number?
  13. The test was pretty damn hard. In light of that, wouldn't the cut score seemingly be constant, since presumably fewer people would hit it by virtue of having harder questions? Or is it believed to typically be 60+, so 59 is actually lower than normal?
  14. Was there a session where EB figured out the cut score was 48?
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